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This workshop is a 1-day, high-level overview of IP strategy designed for executives from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  The event is co-organized by the University of Cape Town, the DTI, the USPTO, the non-profit PIPRA.

The expert presenters will give the audience a practical, nuts-and-bolts overview of how SMEs can best identify, protect, and monetize their intangible assets. We will have IP policy experts and many of the best attorneys in South Africa speaking about the real-world use of IP in their clients' businesses.

(Registration to the event is free and includes a networking lunch at Stonebreaker Restaurant as well as refreshments in the morning afternoon.  There is wireless internet access available throughout the Breakwater Lodge  premises.  Limit of 2 attendees per company.)

These workshops are funded by the generous support of the USPTO's Intellectual Property Initiative.  If you are interested in attending the workshop, please use the form above.   Space is limited.




Schedule of events, Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010


8:30-9:00: National IP strategy, laws, and agenda for the Republic of South Africa -  Mandla Mnyatheli, Chief Director, Office of Company & IP Enforcement, DTI; Zodwa Ntuli, Deputy Director-General for Corporate & Consumer
Regulation,  DTI

9:00-9:30: IP commercialization for SMEs - Risks Associated With IP Management - John McKnight, Attorney, Spoor & Fisher 


9:30-10:00: Obtaining and defending patents - McLean Sibanda, Group Executive: Commercialisation (Technology Innovation Agency)


10:00:-10:20: Break (Tea, coffee and confectionery) 


10:25-11:00: Obtaining trademarks, brand protection, and anti-counterfeiting– Paul Ramara, Spoor & Fisher


11:00-11:30: IP protection and the role of SMMEs  - lessons from the U.S - Kitisri Sukhapinda, USPTO 


11:30-12:15: Expert panel with Mandla Mnyatheli, Zodwa Ntuli, John McKnight, Kitisri Sukhapinda.  (Questioning & discussion from the audience.)


12:15-1:30: Networking Lunch at Stonebreakers Restaurant


1:30-2:15: Licensing: how to find, approach, and negotiate with licensors - Hans Nachenius, SA Licensing Executives Society. 


2:15-2:45: IP-related agreements including MTAs, C&Ds, employment agreements, Co-development etc. - Macdonald Netshitenzhe, Director, DTI 


2:45-3:15: Copyright protection and enforcement and theft prevention including software and creative media -  James Lennox, SAFACT 


3:15:-3:35: Break (Tea, coffee & biscuits) 


3:35-4:05: Indigenous Knowledge, geographical indications, and similar IP: their use and benefits in the Southern Hemisphere -  Coenraad Visser, Professor in Intellectual Property Law, UNISA


4:05-4:35: Case-Study: Exploring the do’s and dont's of brand selection and enforcement management involving an SME and a large corporate – Sajidha Gamieldien and Manisha Bugwandeen, Bowman Gilfillan (facilitated by Darren Olivier)


4:35-5:15: Expert panel with Mandla Mnyatheli, Zodwa Ntuli, James Lennox, Hans Nachenius, Coenraad Visser, Darren Olivier  (Questioning & discussion from the audience.)




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